4 Universe Infographics Every Astronomy Fan Should Check Out

We’re taking a break from our infographics for small businesses series this week. Instead, enjoy this collection of eye-candy space infographics! 

Have you always been fascinated with the spectacular universe, the solar system, and its planets?

Do you find yourself often wondering what new interesting details astronomers and scientists have discovered?

Well, you’re one lucky curious individual!

4 universe infographics you can get inspiration from

This blog post will help you keep up and fill you in with amazing astronomy facts and news through these 4 eye candy universe infographics.

5 Most Popular Moons Infographic

One of the most attention-catching solar system infographics that you should check out is about the Most Popular Moons. Inquisitive beings will definitely be impressed with the fact that not only planets have astounding qualities, but their moons as well. Saturn will keep you up all night with the idea that 3 of its moons made it into this popularity list – Mimas, Titan, and Enceladus. Find out which Jupiter moon has more than 400 volcanoes. And pretty soon, you’ll also able to guess which moon orbits in an opposite direction of its planet.

5 Most Popular Moons infographic

6 Largest Objects in the Universe

If you are into humungous stuff like dinosaurs and mountains, you’d be in awe with way larger things found outside our home planet, featured interestingly in The 6 Largest Objects in the Universe infographic. Did you know that there’s another “Great Wall” that is also just as profound as its length is an estimated 500 million light years? Yup, it’s even shaped like the Great Wall of China!

Additionally, a giant mass of galaxies, dust, and gas that is 200 million light-years wide will keep you wondering – how is it like to be able to see the Mysterious Blob?

6 Largest Objects in the Universe infographic

For the trivia lovers and astronomers-in-the-making, the 7 Bizarre Solar System Facts infographic is the one for you to read. Show off your newly-acquired knowledge by surprising them with the fact that Mercury is currently shrinking or that Mars actually has the largest volcano the size of Arizona. And if anyone’s asking about an undiscovered planet, amaze them with what you know about “Planet Nine”.

7 Bizaare Solar System Facts

7 Bizarre Solar System Facts infographic

Voyager Space Timeline Infographic

Lastly, this solar system infographic about the Voyager will definitely keep your NASA-scientist-wannabe kids’ attention locked to you for a long time. It charmingly presented the Voyager Space Timeline from 1972 when Jupiter/Saturn Mission was approved by NASA, to the discovery of Jupiter’s active volcanoes in 1979, then to finally getting a close view of Saturn’s icy moons in 1981, all the way to 2013 when Voyager 1 finally made its first measurement of density on interstellar medium. If you’re a science teacher, your uninterested students will start loving this topic!

Voyager Space Timeline infographic

The science of the universe and solar system may be as massive and tricky to study but once you show off these brilliantly designed universe infographics, pretty sure anyone from age 5 to 75 will learn to love astronomy.

Do you have other universe infographics that you like?

For more universe infographics, head on over to our science infographic templates library.

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