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Why Visual Communication is an Important Skill to Learn

Effective communication is one of the most vital life skills we need to succeed. Conveying your ideas, thoughts, feelings, facts and information clearly and concisely …

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Easelly for Motivation, Engagement and Assessment

Teachers in the United States are fortunate to be teaching at a time when technology companies are increasingly offering their products for free or at …

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How to Make Infographics With Students: Recap & Replay

Thanks to all of the educators and teachers who joined today’s live training. We hope you learned a lot about the power of infographics in …

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Easelly Crash Course: Now Available for FREE on Udemy

If you’ve ever attended any of our live events, you know that we really love showing people all of the great things they can do …

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Our Top 5 Resources for Finding Reliable Data

Creating an infographic is an entirely new world for many people, whether you’re a teacher, small business owner, or even a blogger. You know you …

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Improving Economic Education With Infographic Competition

Recently, The Indiana Council for Economic Education offered 4th through 12th grade teachers the opportunity to have their students participate in the Indiana Stock Market …

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Common Core and the Importance of Visual Learning in the Classroom

In the States, it’s the start of the Back to School season! If you’re a parent, you’ve probably already hustled through the store aisles trying …

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Getting ready for Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week is almost here! I spent a big part of the year planning the events for BAW and this year is not the …

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Infographics and The New Student

Nowadays, nearly everything about anything can be found online and often in a much more appealing form than what’s typically found at school. Who’d want to pay attention to a drawn-out explanation, copying endless equations off a dusty blackboard, when they could have the essential points presented in plain language with a direct and real-time demonstration (possibly with some funky music in the background), all in a few minutes of a YouTube video?

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