Warming Up the Winter with Christmas Infographics and DIY Holiday Cards

Besides the actual content, visual elements, and structure of your infographic, another important aspect of an infographic succeeding (e.g. being seen and spread) is by making it relevant. One way to make it relevant is to make it timely.

So, if the holiday ads in October and November weren’t enough for you, here are a few of our favorite holiday-inspired infographics for last minute Christmas infographic inspiration!

1. Snowflakes – Classifications and Shapes

Infographics as “cheat sheets” are our personal favorites.  They’re an excellent way to organize and communicate information, and they can make a bland topic more digestible.

This infographic is probably the best way to learn about chemistry outside of Breaking Bad – there’s plenty more on the author’s site.

2. 12 Drinks of Christmas

It’ll take at least this many drinks to get through holidays with the family! More drink menus should be composed like this; the ingredients, glass type, and pouring order are all flawless. The perfect blend of beautiful design and brilliant content, topped with some clever commentary in the descriptions.

via eightballart – https://www.eightballart.com/

3. Christmas Around the World

Clear design and interesting factoids fill out this infographic. It doesn’t feature the most pointed or focused content, but it keeps within its theme, and it manages enough “did you know?” tidbits about the holiday season to make it more shareable in social media.

Despite only a corner of this infographic having to do with plants, this one comes via fromyouflowers.com. Bonus points for including a source list!

4. The Origin and Evolution of Santa Claus

We mean it as a compliment when we say this is another infographic that’s little more than well-presented text. Rather than a wall of words, we have brief-yet-informative paragraphs, bolded callouts, and consistent design accompanied by a few relevant images. It’s nice that they included some sources at the bottom, but they could be more specific about it.

santa claus infographic
Unfortunately, we can’t find the source. If this is your infographic, leave a comment and we’ll link it to your blog or website.

5. How to Take Pawsome Pet Portraits

Points for all the puns, but what does this infographic have to do with Christmas?

Honestly, very little – but it shows how making content timely can make it proliferate. It also shows infographics can be used as an end to a variety of means. In this case, the infographic is basically an ad that appeals to people’s love for Christmas, puppies, and puns. It also includes a coupon at the bottom if you find yourself inspired by the ideas.

via Transform Your Images

PS.  Though this last infographic is something of an ad, we’re in no way sponsored to include it on this list. We just appreciate ads that are optional, informative, and filled with dad jokes.

Make Your Own Holiday Cards

Now that we’re done with infographics, let’s move on to DIY holiday cards.

Whether you decide to go on a shopping spree or get creative and have a hand-made presents theme this winter, a neat little card will add that special touch of individually tailored detail to each of them. Make them all your own with the help of our infographic maker.

Regardless of how artsy you are or how bad you might think your drawing skills are, making a warm and loving greeting card for your closest ones has never been this easy and fun. You can also use them in your business if you’d like to spread the holiday cheer to clients and customers!

Once you open up our online easel, the friendly arrows will show you all the various options you have and how you can combine them into whatever you want. There’s no way to mess it up! Play around and see what will be the best fit for your family or friends.

Whatever design you decide to go with, you’ll want it to have that magical holiday spirit. Here are a few tips to help you achieve exactly that:

Picking the best background is always a good place to start.

The trick to it is to keep it simple – it’s all the later elements that will give your creation the dynamics. A gentle gradient or some neat, clean silhouettes are a perfect choice for grandparents, aunts and uncles, and just generally adults. Simple and cheerful patterns like snowflakes or stars are ideal for children and younger cousins.

Get creative with your formatting!

Ditch the plain old text lines and shake things up with circles, pyramids, rectangles, links and any other layout you might think of. We have a whole bunch of templates that you can choose from and make your happy wishes full of energy!

Fonts play a huge part in any kind of a creative text display.

Since this is the season for celebration, feel free to get as goofy as you want! Now you can try out all those chubby, splattery, curly and curved letter styles that you had to skip at work or school. Elegant cursives like Vivaldi, Harrington or Vladimir Script could work great for spouses, coworkers, relatives etc.

The elderly may prefer something a bit more ornamental, like Old English or any of the numerous calligraphy fonts, while kids and teens will definitely like the fun designs of Chiller, Curlz, Jokerman or Giddyup.

As far as color schemes go, the variations are limitless.

You can make them contrast with the background, blend them all together, have a play of warm and cool, whatever you feel like! This is also the perfect way to tailor your Christmas or New Year card to a specific person: maybe use their favorite color as a theme or put together a mix that displays their unique personality. Anything goes!

Reindeer Mail at Your Service!


That’s the thing about our loved ones – sometimes we can’t all get together to bake gingerbread men and open all the presents.

For this kind of love at a distance, whether it’s a pen friend or a family member living abroad, a thoughtful postcard with a picture of home will definitely brighten their faces!

Fortunately, you never have to worry about a post office closed for the holiday again. In our tech-savvy age, email accounts are the new mailmen, so why not send a digital card, too? No need for any fees and there’s no way it’ll get lost along the way, either. Not to mention a unique visual attachment would be a great refreshment in the pile of electronic letters coming in.

So start making your own holiday cards and warm up the winter season with a heartfelt creation that no one else can come up with. Surprise your loved ones with a unique expression of your wishes for them, make them smile from ear to ear. Happy holidays from the Easelly team!

*Editor’s Note: Updated on December 20, 2018 for accuracy and comprehensiveness. It was originally published on December 16, 2014.

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