Halloween Infographic Templates You Can Edit in Minutes

What are your plans for Halloween this year?

Soon it’ll be time to go trick-or-treating or dressing up as your favorite planet like the pluto guy below.

pluto costume halloween
NBC via Getty Images

Whether you want to dress up geeky this Halloween or would prefer to stay at home for a small, intimate gathering with friends and family, an infographic or poster will add that special touch of spookiness (or nerdiness!).

5 Halloween infographic templates you can customize quickly

Take your pick from the following Halloween-themed infographic templates and get ready to capture everyone’s attention and curiosity.

After all, using visuals with text makes more sense if you’re looking to communicate with impact and make your Halloween content more memorable (and spooky!).

Let’s get started, shall we?

This terrifying Halloween infographic template is a classic. You have a haunted castle, thirsty Dracula, eerie bats, and several Halloween icons. Customize it with your data and you’re good to go!

Halloween Infographic with a dracula icon and a spooky house
Edit this template and make it yours

Would you like to share Halloween-themed facts to your audience? The creatively haunting infographic layout below got you covered!

infographic template with pumpkin, grave, and zombie icons
Edit this template and make it yours

Avoid the following top Halloween costumes of all time if you don’t want to dress up like everyone else’s!

An infographic template about Halloween costumes
Edit this template and make it yours

Highlight fun Halloween candy statistics in an infographic. Better yet, edit the template below to make a Halloween-themed  poster. You can keep the color schemes, icons, and font sizes. All you need to do is customize the texts or add pictograms to communicate effectively.

Halloween candy infographic template
Edit this template and make it yours

Finally, the graveyard infographic below is ideal if you want to share information about your fun event or mysterious Halloween party venue. Instead of writing your party’s location,  provide a couple of clues about the venue in the infographic and let your attendees’ imagination go wild!

an infographic with graveyard and halloween icons
Edit this template and make it yours

Over to You

From Halloween events to Halloween-themed products for your business, designing Halloween infographics is a breeze with templates.

Once you’ve found the right Halloween infographic template, you’re ready to get started in customizing it with your information, data, and design preferences.

Mix and match colors, experiment with your fonts, and keep your infographic content to the point.

Watch the short video tutorial below for some tips on how to customize your infographic templates with Easelly.

Do you have another scary infographic in mind and you want it done from scratch? Collaborate with one of our infographic designers and get it within 24-48 hours. Alternatively, make your Halloween visuals more terrifying with animated infographics! 

*Cover Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

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