Infographic: How to Build Good Habits Using The Four Tendencies

Are you planning to build good habits for the new year?

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re trying to set aside ten minutes of your day meditating or building a habit of waking up early, forming a habit takes time.

Habits experts can’t seem to agree yet on how long it takes for one to develop a habit successfully, but one thing’s for sure — it’s not a one-size-fits-all process.

There are a host of factors that influence habit formation. These include your current circumstances, preconceived biases, and how we respond to expectations.

Habit formation infographic using The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

In her book The Four Tendencies, bestselling author Gretchin Rubin came to a profound realization:

The key to understanding our actions (and consequently building better habits) is how we respond to expectations.

Four Tendencies Diagram by Gretchen Rubin
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With this insight, Rubin outlined The Four Tendencies, a personality framework that classifies people into four distinct types based on how we respond to expectations.

Think of it as a Sorting Hat for Mugles, but instead of being sorted by Wizarding Houses, you’re sorted by tendency!

Get to know The Four Tendencies in the infographic below.  Meet the Upholders, Questioners, Rebels, and Obligers!

Which tendency are you?

In conclusion, there is no best or worst Tendency.  

The happiest, healthiest, most productive people are those who have figured out how to use their strengths to form better habits.

Take the quiz here and find out your Tendency. 

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